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cheap ray bans James Bond 007 Wiki

James Bond 007 Wiki

Victor Zokas was born in Moscow, the offspring of an unwed bar hound and an unknown man. Zokas’ childhood was particularly traumatic as he was raised in poverty, often beaten by his drunkard mother, and frequently ridiculed by his three half sisters. At the age of fourteen, he ran away from home and soon after joined the Soviet Army. In time, Zokas became unpopular among his piers, notorious for his vicious nature. It was during this time that he gained the epithet of "Renard The Fox" due to his cunning and effectively discrete ways. Shortly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Zokas was ultimately expelled from the KGB due to his evident mental instability. Afterwards, Zokas adopted the alias of "Renard" and became one of the world’s most feared terrorists.

Kidnapping The World’s Favorite Heiress

When he abducted billionaire heiress Elektra King for ransom, MI6 sent Agent 009 to Syria where he was to rescue Elektra and kill Renard. Elektra managed to escape Renard’s clutches before 009’s arrival, nevertheless 009 ended up locating Renard and shot him in the head. Although a doctor was able to save Renard’s life, he could not remove the bullet, for which Renard killed him. Due to the bullet remaining inside his skull, it would eventually kill him as it progressed into his brain.

During Elektra King’s kidnapping, Elektra managed to gain Renard’s trust and became his ally and lover. After discovering that the same bullet which granted him superhuman abilities would also take his life, Renard had one last mission in life: he vowed to help Elektra get revenge on her father and take over his oil empire. In return, Elektra would help Renard exact his own vengeance upon the woman who had sentenced him to death, Sir Robert King’s old friend:M. After Sir Robert’s murder, MI6 suspected Renard of being behind the attack and a guilt ridden M sent 007 to protect Elektra who had been predicted to be Renard’s next target.

"She’s beautiful isn’t she? You should have had her before, when she was innocent. How does it feel, to know that I broke her in for you?"

Renard mocks Bond, referring to Elektra King.[src]

"A man tires of being executed . but then again, there’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive."

Held at gunpoint, Renard uses a phrase belonging to Elektra.[src]

While tracking Renard’s activities, caught him at a nuclear arms facility in Kazakhstan. After a tense standoff, Renard soon escaped with six kilos of weapons grade plutonium and reunited with Elektra back in Istanbul. Elektra provided Renard with a Victor III class, nuclear submarine; now with both major elements obtained, Renard and Elektra’s plan was about to go full circle.

That night, Renard professed to Elektra of his dissatisfaction in not being able to feel, barely capable of remembering the sensation of pleasure.

The next morning Renard gave his heartfelt goodbye to Elektra and boarded the vessel that would lead him to his imminent death. Onboard the submarine, the plutonium was melted down into a reactor rod that Renard planned on inserting into the submarine’s reactor core. Unbeknownst to him however, Bond had snuck aboard and due to a fire fight between the British spy and Renard’s henchmen, the sub was sent crashing down into the sea floor.

Renard locked himself inside the reactor and prepared to proceed with his objective, but Bond further attempted to sabotage the terrorist’s plans by engaging him in combat. After receiving news from Bond of Elektra’s demise, an enraged Renard began to pummel his foe and locked him below the reactor. Despite the fact that destroying Istanbul was now pointless, Renard chose to go ahead anyway with the mission. As he inserted the plutonium rod into the reactor, Bond was quick to use his wits and connected a loose pressurized air hose to the reactor.

Bond then looked over to Renard and proclaimed that Elektra was "waiting for him" before he launched the rod at breakneck speed into Renard’s black heart, ending his reign of terror once and for all.

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