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cheap ray bans Geography of Rhode Island

Geography of Rhode Island

The state divides into two main regions: the New England Upland; and the Coastal Lowland, which is known locally as Narragansett Basin.

The New England Upland is a hilly, forested, lake studded region blanketing the western two thirds of the state. Most of the uplands are at an elevation of 200 to 600 feet (60 to 180 m). Jerimoth Hill, in the northwest, is the highest point in Rhode Island 812 feet (247 m) above sea level.

The Coastal Lowland lies along the Atlantic Coast partially surrounding Narragansett Bay, in the eastern third of the state. The region is marked by sandy beaches, swamps, marshes, and ponds along the coast and low rounded hills of less than 200 feet (60 m) in elevation farther inland.

Interesting facts about Rhode IslandThe first Quonset hut was built in 1941 at the Quonset Point Naval Air Station near Davisville. United States troops used the huts during World War II for barracks, storage rooms, medical facilities, and many other purposes. The Quonset hut is a prefabricated sheet metal structure in the shape of a half cylinder with the flat side forming the floor. Most huts were built about 50 to 100 feet (15 to 30 meters) long and 20 to 40 feet (6 to 12 meters) high. The breed was developed in 1854 on a farm in Little Compton. A team from the United States challenged a team from England to win two games out of three for a trophy called the Westchester Cup. The Rhode Island General Assembly formally declared the colony’s independence from Britain on May 4, 1776. Width of the bay varies from 3 to 12 miles (5 19 km). Among the many islands in the bay the largest are Conanicut, Prudence, and Rhode Island, for which the state is named. Block Island lies off the south coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Excluding rivers that are only arms of Narragansett Bay, such as the Providence and the Seekonk, the largest rivers are the Blackstone, Pawtuxet, and Pawcatuck.

Water is probably Rhode Island’s chief natural resource. The streams supply some power for industry and, in addition, they provide fresh water for homes and many industries. Narragansett Bay has long been important as a gateway to the commerce of the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout parts of the state, especially the coastal area, the climate is tempered by the ocean. The average temperature for the state is about 71 F. (22 C.) in July, 28 F. ( 2 C.) in January, and 49 F. (9 C.) for the year. Precipitation, which is evenly distributed over the year, ranges from about 40 inches (1,020 mm) annually along the coast to 40 inches (1,270 mm) in the uplands. The annual snowfall ranges from about 20 inches (510 mm) along the coast to 40 to 55 inches (1,020 1,400 mm) in the west.

The weather is changeable and often stormy. Rhode Island lies in the path followed by many cyclonic storms. At times the state is struck by northeasters and hurricanes.

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